West End Players

What’s more important – your computer game or your friends?  Your computer game or a book?  West End in Schools brought music and drama to Reddish Hall on March 2nd exploring just what could happen if you became so engrossed in a computer game you actually fell into it.

Students from Key Stages 2 and 3 watched ‘Jump to It’, a two actor performance following the story of Claire who forgets about her friend, homework and books and falls into her computer game.  She meets several literary characters from popular children’s books, such as Prince Cinders and Mr Magnolia, who help her find her way back to her room where her friend is waiting to complete their homework.

The students enjoyed the performance, particularly Rio, who would possibly like to act and sing himself one day.  Pupils from Key Stage 2 stayed with the cast after the performance to ask questions and look at the props.  They were especially impressed with how one actor could play so many different parts.

Having the opportunity to watch professional actors is really important for our students as it allows them to experience creativity in the classroom, which will hopefully go on to inspire them in their futures.