Welcome to Reddish Hall

Caring about the wellbeing of others — a very good place to be

Reddish Hall School, in Stockport, Greater Manchester, caters for a wide range of children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. An overarching aim is to prepare all of the young people for the future — whether that incorporates academic knowledge, life skills or vocational qualifications. Teaching is delivered in line with each child’s education, health and care plan — typically in classes no larger than eight.

Individualism and expression is nurtured and encouraged, as explained by headteacher Sarah Makin: ‘We don’t expect children to fit a certain mould — we want them to be quirky and have their own characters. Every single pupil who comes here is different and they all have their own needs.’

Deputy headteacher Martyn Taylor highlights how the school’s unique setup enables them to tailor their offering to individual child requirements: ‘A child might need more emotional support, so we can bring in a counsellor or an educational psychologist in order to make sure we’re meeting those needs. The different experiences we offer provide a good, balanced and wide curriculum for the children who come here.’

Watch the video to meet some our staff — and children — and learn more about the specialist care and support available at Reddish Hall School.