Tea & Cakes for Bertie

Students at Reddish Hall School hosted a tea, coffee and cakes event to raise funds for Bertie the dog back in February. Student RNB (Year 8) was pleased to announce they had raised over £100 during the event. We continue to raise money through our online donations too. So far, we have raised over £800!

Who is Bertie?

Late 2021, we welcomed a cocker spaniel, called Bertie, to the Hive as a student support worker to support our students. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve, we discovered he had severe humeral intercondylar fissures on both his front legs. Surgery would fix this with drilling 3D screws into his joints. Bertie has now had his surgery thanks to the generous donations, sponsored walk and coffee & cake event. He recovered successfully and is helping out at the Hive.