Our Nurture provision

Students identified as having significant attachment difficulties, social communication difficulties, and low-level learning can find a place in our nurture programme which runs as three classes from KS3 to KS4. The nurture approach puts individual need at the heart of the curriculum with a programme of study built around them, their aspirations and individual social/academic needs. These students benefit from remaining in the same classroom with the same teacher for the majority of the time. A creative approach is taken to building a curriculum that is engaging, inspiring and challenging, including regular opportunities to engage in outdoor education and experiential learning visits.

At Key Stage 3 pupils may transition in and out of the nurture class in accordance with their development. Bespoke timetables are used when necessary, to address the child’s needs, and can have a range of focuses from social and emotional literacy to reading and numeracy. A creative and flexible approach is used to develop student’s skills in functional numeracy and literacy to ensure positive transitions into KS4.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are working towards Entry Level qualifications and the ASDAN award, but there is flexibility for them to attend GCSE classes or a chosen option subject – this decision is made on an individual basis in accordance with the student’s interests and ambitions. Career focussed learning and experience is at the core of the KS4 curriculum, with opportunities to engage in both academic and vocational education alongside the development of their functional literacy and numeracy.