Our Key Stage Five provision

Both the Nurture Pathway and Vocational Pathway can support pupils post Year 11. 

Pupils on the Vocational Pathway can continue with AIM vocational qualifications, as well as continuing to study literacy and numeracy if required.  Work experience plays a bigger part, as does the emphasis on independence skills and personal responsibility.  For pupils who have missed long periods of education before joining Reddish Hall later in Key Stage 3, or for Key Stage 4, this can be an ideal option for them post-16, if they are not yet college ready, or need that extra time before starting an apprenticeship.  The intention is that these young people leave better equipped than their peers who are going into the trades taught at Reddish Hall.

Pupils on the Nurture Pathway are able to continue beyond Year 11 in order to support them with moving onto college or supported apprenticeships when they are ready.  Pupils on this pathway are not always emotionally ready to leave school at 16, and may benefit from developing their independence skills and self-confidence for another year.  Year 12 on this pathway is spent further developing numeracy and literacy skills, which may involve gain additional qualifications; practicing these in real life scenarios, including money management, for example.  Life skills are key, focusing on travel training, keeping themselves safe and developing independence.  Links with colleges may be formed so pupils can begin that transition if they wish to study a college course, as well as building up work experience.  Year 12 can be very much tailored to suit the needs of the young person and prepare them for their step away from Reddish Hall.