KS3 Trip (November 2020)

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Dear Parents and Carers,

On Wednesday 25th November, we have planned for the whole of Key Stage Three to go on a walking trip in the countryside.

As the trip will be completely outside pupils will need to make sure they wear suitable clothing with plenty of layers: hats, scarf, gloves, waterproof coat.

Pupils will likely end up very muddy, so we are recommending pupils arrive to school in the morning in the clothes they will be wearing on the walk, and bring some spare clothes and spare shoes in a carrier bag that they may change into for coming back.

A packed lunch will be provided for each of the pupils. However, if they choose to bring their own they will need to make sure they bring it in a bag that they will be able to carry.

No money is needed for the trip.

Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones with them.


Miss Duggan