Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Key Stage 4 at Reddish Hall aims to help children become ready for their next step through academic achievement, the development of skills – both social and vocational, and through promoting their independence, confidence and self-esteem.  We celebrate the individual and encourage children’s personalities to flourish!

All children study English, maths and science, with the intention they achieve a qualification that reflects their ability at that time.  Pupils also have lessons in PSHE – a key subject at Reddish Hall – and PE, as well as the opportunities for enrichment which includes the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We endeavour that if a child has a particular interest and it is suitable for them to undertake it as a qualification, we will do what we can to support them with this. 

Key Stage four follows a mainstream model, but with small – sometimes very small class sizes, we have run an option class with just one pupil! – and significant support.  Pupils choose three option subjects as well as studying core skills.  The list below is an example and may differ each year.

Core Subjects (qualification offered):

English Language – GCSE, Functional Skills Level 1 and 2, Entry Level
Maths – GCSE, Functional Skills Level 1 and 2, Entry Level
Science – GCSE, BTEC, Entry Level

Option Subjects (pupils choose three)

English Literature (GCSE)
Art (GCSE)
History (GCSE)
Geography (GCSE)
Computing (GCSE)
Food Tech (BTEC)
Sport (BTEC)
Health & Social Care (BTEC/AQA Unit Awards)

View our 2019/2020 KS4 exams results here

Please see an example of our options booklet which is given to pupils at the end of the spring term of Year 9. All pupils are also timetabled for PE, PSHE and study skills sessions.