Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum at Reddish Hall School is broad and balanced. It takes a lead from the National Curriculum and personalises it to the needs of our pupils. Pupils are in class groups of no more than seven, with a teaching assistant who remains with them for most lessons, and pupils are placed into class groups according to need, whether that be ASC, where a very structured approach is required; mixed ability; or our learning support class, for pupils who aren’t quite ready for a KS3 curriculum and benefit from scaffolded learning and further differentiated texts. Pupils study a wide range of subjects: maths, English, Science, PE, Geography, History, PSHE, Art, Food technology, horticulture and outdoor education. They can also access MFL and music through enrichment activities.

Most children in KS3 move to the subject specialist’s classroom with their class, making Reddish Hall feel like what children expect a high school to be like. Children in our KS3 learning support group have the same teacher for maths and English, and as their form tutor, and their movement around school is reduced slightly. We also have a KS3 Nurture class, which is run on a primary model, and supports pupils who are not ready for the secondary set-up, focusing on building relationships, supporting mental health and lessening anxiety and consolidating and building on learning from KS2 whilst following the KS3 National Curriculum.

The intention of our KS3 provision is to ensure children enjoy learning and place value upon it, alongside developing the knowledge and skills to move onto KS4. The whole package of educational input, therapy and pastoral support aims to ensure that pupils are ready for their next step.