Home Learning

Learning from home can be challenging, especially as your child will be adjusting to a new routine. It is important to establish a routine to help your child’s well-being. However, you are not expected to keep up with the learning standards found inside the classrooms of Reddish Hall School. We have put together activities, ideas and resources to help you with your child’s home learning.

  • *NEW* BBC Bitesize Lessons – These are daily lessons for homeschooling – click here.
  • Live Learning with Celebrities is a post we previously uploaded with a list of celebrities running activities during the day – check it out here.
  • Learn how to sign with an online British Sign Language course – check out our recent post for more information.
  • Keep fit and active with Joe Wick – more information about his daily workout can be found here.
  • ABCDoes have a great ’50 Fantastic Ideas to try at Home’ page – learn more about it here.
  • Crayola have a free page of colouring in sheets here.  Alternatively, you can visit the colouring in web page of Education.com for colouring sheets.
  • David Walliams offers a range of free resources based on his collection of books – learn more about it here.  Plus. you can listen to David Walliams read at 11am every day at his Elevenses page – click here.
  • Collins have their own ‘learning at home’ area with content from KS1 to KS4. This includes hundreds of free eBooks! Click here for more information.
  • Audible are offering a selection of free audible books to listen to without the need for login details – click here.

Keep up to date with news and events with content appropriate for students


Below are a list of activities you can try at home. Please do not feel you have to do them all! These are just ideas to keep your child busy while at home. It would be great share your learning with us via Edmodo or an email. We are always looking for learning to be shared on our school blog.


Diary writing
Help to cook a meal and write a recipe for it
Reading – child to adult/ adult to child
Book reviews
Write a story
Write instructions for how to clean a room
Write a play script based on favourite TV show
Interview a family member or carer about their childhood
Write a description/explanation of favourite game, computer game, toy, etc.
Write a letter to a pen pal, family member who is in isolation
Write a postcard to your teacher/friend/family member
Make some Top Trumps cards for characters from books
Write a poem
Write a playscript
Make puppets and put on a play
Play a board game. You could even design a new one for a target audience!
Paint a picture and label it/write about it
Blackout poems – https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/blog-posts/johndepasquale/
Look, say, cover, write, check spellings
Create a poster about washing hands/hygiene to protect against viruses
Make an Easter Egg Hunt with clues in your garden (in the house is fine too)
Make cards of appreciation for someone special to you. Could you include poems?
Research project/poster. This could be in the form of a leaflet, booklet or a PowerPoint
Have a good sort-out of your toys! Write a review of your favourite with a target audience

Try a Pobble365 activity each day – Download image and activity as PDF



Create timetables for the day/week ahead
Add up quantities of ingredients in a recipe
Playing games, especially card games, dice games, dominoes or games involving counting in any form, such as Yahtzee,
Monopoly, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders.
MathsPlayground (Years 2 to 6) Especially the Number Puzzles and Brain Workouts

Beat your own score on Timestable Rockstars or challenge others on Mathletics


Art & Design Technology

Draw a self-portrait/portrait of a family
Observational drawings/art work – home or garden based
Decorate some eggs (hard boiled) for Easter
Create some Easter decorations eg. A hat or some bunting
Observe, draw, write, record, photograph any seasonal changes you can see in nature – different birds, lighter mornings,
spring flowers, birds on trees…
Create a pebble sculpture
Design a new cleaning apparatus
Design a Reddish Hall School football jersey
Dragon’s Den – Invent something (anything!). This could build to instructions as to how it operates, product description,
creating an advert.
Build a rocket /car/house from Lego or something similar or create a Lego maze
Build a den
Baking (could take photos to make a recipe for others)
Design and make a homemade board game to share and play with family members
Make a marble run. How long can you keep the marble moving for?


History & Geography

Draw a map of your local area, labelling the places you know.
Do a ‘project’ about a new country.
Do a virtual tour of a museum. There is a list on this website:


PE and Outdoor Learning (the garden)

Garden games/fitness instructions
Create your own HIIT circuit e.g. 20 second star jumps, 10 second rest, 20 second high knees, 10 second rest…skipping,
burpees, etc.
Create your own obstacle course
Learn a circus skill or magic trick

Joe Wicks – children’s body coach – on Youtube

Dancefever Multisport (Home Workout Series) – on Youtube

Try making some healthier snacks. Try super-seed energy balls, homemade granola, hummus with veg sticks.

Explore online for some great ideas at BBC Snacks.

Join GoNoodle and start building XP through dancing to a mixture of popular songs and tricky dance routines. Access the GoNoodle Family without signing up to the site.



Explore the house for waterproof materials, absorbent materials, rigid materials, flexible materials, stretchy materials,
Baking/cooking – anything sweet or savoury
Look for mini beasts
Plant some seeds
Find out about an endangered species
Make a wormery, butterfly feeding table, hedgehog house, bug hotel
Make a bird feeder
Research based projects or real life experiences
design a poster explaining the needs of a pet.
Bird watch – use the RSPB website for resources.
Research a famous scientist. What did they discover? How is their idea used today?
Take a ‘Science Selfie’. Take a photograph of themselves with something science related in the image – Print off
the photograph and complete the caption



Learn all of the lyrics to a favourite song and create a dance routine
Wind in the Willows West end production is streaming for free (or donations) https://www.willowsmusical.com/
Practice playing your instrument(s)


Modern Foreign languages

Read a dual language book or learn a dual language song?
Download an app such as Duolingo or Memrise to learn a new language.