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Our e-Safety page links you to helpful advice on keeping safe online.

In addition to these helpful websites, you can contact if you have any safeguarding concerns.

You need to be SMART online. The SMART rules have been developed with the aim of keeping students safe online.

  • S encourages students to be safe by not giving out their personal details that could identify them online.
  • M draws attention to the risks associated with meeting someone you only know online.
  • highlights the risks of accepting emails, pictures and chat messages from unknown sources.
  • R is a reminder that not all information found online is necessarily reliable.
  • T encourages students to tell someone if something happens or they meet someone online that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Even though we are currently learning from home and using Edmodo, it is best to limit how much time you are spending on electronic devices. This is essential to look after your mental health. Why not try an activity from our Home Learning or Learning Links pages that does not require a computer?


Click on one of the following logos to access the website. These are great for learning how to be safe online.

Think U Know UK Safer Internet Centre Safeguarding Resource Hub
Parent Info (CEOP) Family Online Safety Institute Childnet International


Social media sites/apps, games and videos have age restrictions. These are put in place to avoid children accessing inappropriate content that could affect their mental well-being. It is important that both adults and students follow government advice to safeguard impressionable young minds.

Social Media

Social media sites/apps have restrictions on who can create profiles on their platforms.

  • 13 Years Old Restricted Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat and Secret.
  • 14 Years Old Restricted Platforms – LinkedIn
  • 16 Years Old Restricted Platforms – WhatsApp
  • 18 Years Old Restricted Platforms – YouTube, Foursquare, WeChat, Kik and Flickr


Video games have a PEGI rating, stating the age appropriate for playing them.

AskAboutGames is a great website from a joint adventure of VSC Rating Board and UKIE to help parents understand what is going on in the world of gaming and explaining what is appropriate for your child’s age.

Movies / Video Content

With the introduction of Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, Apple+, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more streaming services. Understanding age restrictions and what your child can access is more important that ever before.

CBBFC and BBFC offer information for keeping students safe. The BBFC even have an app to help support you – click here.

Common Sense Media offer reviews from parents and children. This means movies and TV series are reviewed by real parents who explain what the movie is like and what to look out for (spoiler alert!).