Descriptive writing by Kieran

Kieran from Year 10 completed a descriptive writing task to create a fabulous piece of writing. We are proud to see Kieran put so much effort into his work. Well done!

Before sunrise, I had to find him. I had to find him before they did. As I stumbled through the gloomy, tragic forest I could almost feel their eyes on me. The trees gnarled all around me grabbing at my clothes. The silver moonlight barely penetrated through the tightly knotted branches of the trees. I could hardley see my hand in front of my face because of the thick, damp mist everywhere.

I’m just a boy, I’m only 14 years old. I thought I knew it all. I thought I was so grown up. However, here and now, I feel like I am 3 years old again. Scared, lost and wanting the safety and comfort of my bedroom at home. I have to find him though. He is relying on me. It will be catastrophic if I don’t. I can feel my heart thudding. Trying to break free from its internal cage, like a caged lion desperately trying to fight its way out. I’m sweating but it is cold, so cold. I feel suffocated by the closeness of all the low hanging branches and the thick fog.

It’s my fault. I dared him to do it. We all know what lies in wait beyond the entrance to the crumbling, ancient mine shaft. I heard his distorted screams of terror. I ran off, I was so scared but I had to come back. I had no choice. His life is in my hands. All of a sudden, a pair of eyes appeared in front of me. It’s him……..It’s the Demon!

By Kieran.

Download the descriptive writing task here.