Clothing for Outdoor Education

Dear parents / carers,

As you will be aware pupils are invited to attend Outdoor Education as a form group at different points throughout the term.

Outdoor Education is when pupils take part in physical team building exercises, undertaking activities such as canoeing, biking and wood craft.

Due to the types of activities, pupils need to be wearing clothes suitable for the activities very similar to a PE kit: track suit bottoms/sports shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, trainers and a light waterproof jacket would all be acceptable. Jeans and strappy style tops would not be suitable due to the type of activities and also summer weather due to a risk of overheating or being burnt.

It has also been requested by the company who run the activities that pupils always have a spare set of clothes, particularly shoes, as they will be wet when undertaking water sport type activities.

Pupils are not to bring mobile phones, jewellery, money, or anything of value.

Any further questions please contact school.

Kind regards,

Miss Duggan