2022/23 Transition Letter

Dear parents and carers,

From Monday 4th July 2022, we will start to transition pupils onto their new timetable so they can become used to being in ‘the next year up’ for September, which will lessen their anxiety about coming back to school in September. They will be in these groups from the 4th July, and this will be their form groups when they return in September.  During the course of the next few weeks, children who are starting with us in Year 7 in September from other schools will also be joining us for transition days.

On Friday 24th June, current form tutors will inform pupils which group they may be moving into, who their form tutor will be and their teaching assistant. Pupils are set according to need and age.

This may mean pupils are in new form groups, or may have a new TA assigned to their form group. Form tutors and the form TA will be in contact.

Pupils who are in year 6 will spend the morning with their new group on the 29th June, this will give them time with pupils who will be starting as year 7 in September from other schools, and chance to meet some of the teachers of their subjects.

Kind regards,

Cheryl Hunt

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