2021 Examination Results

We are pleased to show that Reddish Hall School has continued to develop our Key Stage 4 offer, not only with more subject areas, at a range of levels, but the addition of personal and work based qualifications.  Not only does this allow them greater opportunities to study those subjects that interest them most, but also at the correct level for them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, helping our pupils have their most successful year ever.

On average, our pupils took 10 qualification with them on their next steps in life after Reddish Hall.

All subjects had 100% pass rates across all levels of entries, showing that the school recognises the individual levels of the pupils and sets realistic and achievable goals for our pupils while challenging them to reach their potential. 

Maths GCSE not only gained 100% pass rate, but all entries received a ‘good’ grade (grade 4 and over), with one pupil gaining a grade 6. This level of success was also matched by the History department with all entries gaining a grade 4.  60% of all GCSE entries gained a ‘good pass’.

We are very pleased with the efforts and achievements of all our pupils and staff over the last year, particularly in facing the continued challenges deriving from the Covid pandemic.   The success of our pupils have allowed our leavers to take further steps towards their chosen careers by entering training in a range of settings across Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our leavers and wish them every success in their futures.

2021 Exam Results